Become an Expert Beat Maker with Our Course!

Beatwork Studio provides a beat maker course . To be an advanced beat maker, join our course today.

Becoming a pro beat maker isn’t as difficult or intimidating as you may think of it to be. But it certainly isn’t that easy either. But fret not! Beatwork studio’s beat making course is warranted to flawlessly groom you as a master at making your own unique beats.

We use Logic Pro X beatmaker tool as our premise. The course is divided into 5 modules which further have subsections that take the learner from basic to advanced at a gradual pace. This is an advanced beat making course for beginners, even the ones who have no prior experience in beat making.

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What Will I Learn?

Making beats emerged as a core component of hip hop music. With gradual progress and evolution, beatmaking has become a core component of music production. 

Understanding DAW

  • Bit Depth and Sample rate
  • Metronome/BPM
  • Basic difference between audio file and MIDI
  • Loops and arranging loops and basic editing
  • In-depth analysis of subdivisions of bars·     
  • Setting up tracks/channels using both software and audio channels

MIDI – Recording MIDI

  • Editing in Piano Roll
  • Using time quantization, scale quantization
  • Writing/Drawing MIDI using various tools·       
  • Editing/Bouncing and creating your own loops

Effects and Sends

  • Understanding Modulation and audio effects
  • Reverbs and delays
  • Distortion
  • Filter
  • Difference between distortion and saturation
  • How to apply effects by using buses
  • Understanding auxiliary·       
  • Various MIDI FX like channels or arpeggiator, chord trigger note repeater etc.


  • Recording audio
  • Manipulating audio using flex editing
  • Time and pitch machine
  • Overdubbing and comping·       
  • Fade in/out and speed up/slow down


  • Learning automation using various modes (Read, Write, Latch etc)
  • Applying automation on effects
  • Making filter sweeps

Who Can Take up Beat Maker Course?

Beatmaking has its roots in the hip hop genre. The beats offered a track for musicians to rap or sing on. With the constant evolution and changes in various music styles, beatmaking is now a core component of digital music production.

If you are interested in learning these steps which make for the foundation of any song, then this course is for you. Our hip hop beat making course is also compatible with other styles of music to make you an all-round expert at creating catchy, foot-tapping beats!

Why Choose Beatwork Studio?

If you are someone who envisions a future in the music composing industry, you are at the right place. Beatwork studios empowers a universally sustainable standard of quality production which prepares students to be proficient and skillful. To make learning convenient and accessible, we also offer a beat making online course which allows flexible learning for everyone. With a decade long legacy of delivering the finest quality mentorship, you can trust us to make you an expert beatmaker!

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What are The Job Opportunities?

Beatwork studio’s beat making lessons are guaranteed to elevate your skills and transform you from a rookie to a master of the skill in no time! The course is structured to assist your growth across different levels.  

Being a professional beat maker opens the path to a number of rewarding and in-demand career opportunities. With this course, you can build a successful career by:  

  • Producing music for other artists 
  • Selling your beat mixes and instrumental presets 
  • Offering mixing services 
  • Starting Youtube tutorials/training academies  

The search for a beat maker course becomes easier with Beatwork studio! Our courses are designed to make our learners industry-ready and highly efficient. The team of experts ensures a seamless learning experience. The course highlights make up to deliver promising skill development and enhancement.