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In today’s time, being well-versed with Logic Pro X courses is a warranted way to teach you everything that there is to learn about music production. It is Apple’s audio production software that is a one-stop solution for all production needs. This software helps you remould even a rough sound draft into a fully polished song, all in one place. Because of this convenience, taking up a Logic Pro X course gives you a competitive edge and knowledge that helps you outshine your peers.This software has all the tools that an expert producer might need.

What Will I Learn?

Our course aims to help you master the use of Logic Pro X for top notch music production. We train our students to get well-versed with using the software for any and all production processes. The syllabus caters to furnishing a variety of functions offered by the program. The bifurcated details of the course structure are given below.  

Understanding DAW

  • Bit Depth and Sample rate
  • Metronome/BPM
  • Basic difference between audio file and MIDI
  • Loops and arranging loops and basic editing
  • In-depth analysis of subdivisions of bars·     
  • Setting up tracks/channels using both software and audio channels

MIDI – Recording MIDI

  • Editing in Piano Roll
  • Using time quantization, scale quantization
  • Writing/Drawing MIDI using various tools·       
  • Editing/Bouncing and creating your own loops

Effects and sends

  • Understanding Modulation and audio effects
  • Reverbs and delays
  • Distortion
  • Filter
  • Difference between distortion and saturation
  • How to apply effects by using buses
  • Understanding auxiliary·       
  • Various MIDI FX like channels or arpeggiator, chord trigger note repeater etc.


  • Recording audio
  • Manipulating audio using flex editing
  • Time and pitch machine
  • Overdubbing and comping·       
  • Fade in/out and speed up/slow down


  • Learning automation using various modes (Read, Write, Latch etc)
  • Applying automation on effects
  • Making filter sweeps

Logic’s Instruments and Sound Design

  • Ultra-beat
  • Sampling using EXS24
  • ES1/ES2
  • Learning about LFO’s envelopes
  • Basic waveforms (sine, saw, square)·       
  • Making sound from the scratch

Mixing and Mastering Course:


  • Equalizer
  • Compressors
  • Side chain compression
  • Parallel compression
  • Noise gates
  • Saturation
  • Setting up recording session
  • Recording vocals and guitar using different methods
  • Editing vocals (Pitch correction and flex)
  • Mixing a track from the scratch


  • Understanding headroom
  • Stereo imaging and width
  • Multiband compression
  • Understanding limiters and maximizers
  • Dithering
  • Exporting audio

The course contents borrow components from the sound engineering course to help students master all the facets of music production.

mixing and mastering

Who Can Take Up Mixing and Mastering Course?

Because of the software’s easy availability and easy-to-understand interface, people from any background can take up the Mixing and Mastering Course or Logic Pro X Course. Starting from inexperienced students to professional producers looking to upskill, Logic Pro accommodates everyone. All the operations and features available are of great use and ease for aspiring learners. The only prerequisite for this course is having the passion of becoming an all-round music producer .

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Mixing and mastering

What are the Job Opportunities With This Course?

The course takes you through all the features and tools offered by the software and what they entail. This course integrates all components of sound engineering that help one be a superior producer. 

Being a maestro of Logic Pro X, you can avail the following opportunities:

  • Produce and release your own songs 
  • Work as a freelance producer for other artists/singers   
  • Include remix effects in projects 
  • Edit audio tracks 
  • Create, record and edit digital interface of musical instruments

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