Learn to Make Your Own Sounds!

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Sound design takes care of the crafting and application of sound effects for a variety of occasions. It is the most versatile field of music production that integrates with a variety of other spheres of media.

A sound design course assists you with an array of duties such as brainstorming, collecting, editing, and testing sound wherever needed. It is a flexible and creative skill that is highly sought after in today’s time.

What Will You Learn?

The fundamental learnings of this course focus on making learners familiar with creating fresh and never-heard-before sounds. We will use Logic Pro’s operations and functions to learn the sound designing processes. The course structure gives equal importance to theoretical and experimental learning. This way, we assure a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach that boosts the learner’s confidence and abilities.  

Since sound design allows a less-rigid flow of artistic inputs, we will help learners to brainstorm and innovate new ideas. This is followed by a carefully structured application of these ideas to put them into action. The seamless integration of creativity and technology offers an exceptionally multi-talented skillset to the learner.

We use the tools offered by Logic Pro for this course. The detailed course structure is listed below.  

Logic’s Instruments and sound design

  • Ultra-beat
  • Sampling using EXS24
  • ES1/ES2
  • Learning about LFO’s envelopes
  • Basic waveforms (sine, saw, square)·       
  • Making sound from the scratch
Instrument and sound design

Who Can Take Up Sound Design Course?

Sound design is a skill that is seeing a prominent rise across all fields of entertainment and digital media. Production houses, creators and editors are on a constant lookout for creative minds who can elevate the standard of their work.

Due to the high demand, there are exclusive and field-specific courses that have led to niche training. The most common example of this would be a sound design for film course. However, Beatwork studio extends its guidance to serve any and all demands of the field. Whether you want to stick to the music industry or have an exciting scope in the visual entertainment industry, we got you covered! We lay emphasis on extending the scope of musical logistics in varying fields.

If you have a knack for instrumental progressions in music and wish to further pursue it, this course is the one for you! Even if you do not have prior experience or qualification in music or sound, fret not. Our sound design course welcomes anyone with a willingness to explore and learn.

Why is Beatwork Studio the Best Choice For Sound Design Course?

With a pledge to carry on our decade old heritage, we assure the best grade assistance for music enthusiasts. Our vision is to endorse forthcoming musical talent by helping them gain qualitative training. We have trained multiple students who have established stable and victorious careers. You will receive the right type of assistance at every step that will definitely help you polish up your talents.

sound design course
beat maker course

What are the Job Opportunities in Sound Design?

Our course is among the sound design courses that uses Logic Pro X to teach students about instrument and sound design. The learning objectives take you through the basic theories of sound and waveforms. Along with the practical application, you will soon be able to create your own sounds from scratch! 

After taking up a Sound Design Course, you can easily find work opportunities in the following fields:

  • TV and movie industry 
  • Live theatre 
  • Radio 
  • Editing 
  • Advertising 
  • Gaming 

Beatwork studio offers the finest sound design courses in Chandigarh that promises to equip you with this skillful art that is definite to shoot up your future prospects. Our course offers a comprehensive learning experience that guarantees exciting work opportunities.