Know What it Takes to Create and Modify Sounds!

Looking for a Sound Engineering Course? Join BeatWork Studio’s sound engineering course in Chandigarh to get trained on techniques in sound and music production.

Sound engineering is an aspect of music production that is often overlooked but holds great significance. It is the branch of engineering that focuses on the technicalities of a recorded or live audio. In simpler terms, we can understand it as the mix mastering of audio to generate high quality results. 

The need for efficient sound engineers never goes out of demand. By learning this fascinatingly practical craft, you can build a worthwhile career that guarantees fruitful outcomes.

Sound engineering is a great field for those who wish to continue being creative even in the technical field. It is the right blend of balancing technological functioning with artistic inputs. A sound engineer collaborates with creators and composers to design experimental and new sounds.

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What Will You Learn?

The sound engineering course syllabus is divided into two components that are the building pillars of sound engineering: mixing and mastering. Mixing is the process of blending individual components of a song together. On the other hand, mastering is the concluding step of song production that helps us assess the overall quality. Both these elements facilitate the grooming of  a proficient sound engineer. The detailed syllabus contents are listed below. 


  • Equalizer
  • Compressors
  • Side chain compression
  • Parallel compression
  • Noise gates
  • Saturation
  • Setting up recording session
  • Recording vocals and guitar using different methods
  • Editing vocals (Pitch correction and flex)
  • Mixing a track from the scratch


  • Understanding headroom
  • Stereo imaging and width
  • Multiband compression
  • Understanding limiters and maximizers
  • Dithering
  • Exporting audio

All these concepts are taught in a methodical and practical way with step-by-step assistance from professionals. We use the latest in-demand technologies to teach our students the most impeccable skills.

Who Can Take Up This Sound Engineering Course?

With an approach to make music careers global, our course is open to learners from all backgrounds or professions. You may be a student with a non-technical background or a working professional looking for a career switch. Regardless, we welcome learners from all fields. If maths and physics interest you and you have a keenness to learn technical concepts of sound and music, you are at the right place! Sign up today and take the first step towards establishing a prolific career in sound and music.

Why are We The Best Choice?

Having over a decade of experience, Beatwork studio offers mentorship by the maestros of the field. We  provide our students with the most high-tech facilities and equipment. With an approach to modernise the music learning models, we promise to deliver the best of lessons and training.

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sound engineering courses

What are the Job Opportunities?

Beatwork studio’s course on sound engineering guides you to ace mixing and mastering to achieve balanced and good quality results. Both of these are completely different yet equally significant steps that work together to desirable outcomes. 

If you wish to have a secure and exciting career in the music industry, sound engineering is the perfect option for you! As a sound engineer, you can:

  • Collaborate with music composers and singers 
  • Work with directors and producers 
  • Record, mix and edit audios 
  • Improve the quality of sound and audio in projects 
  • Join event management firms 
  • Create sound templates 
  • Be a part of live projects involving sound and backtracks 
  • Work with a variety of clients having different requirements 

The best of sound engineering courses in Chandigarh is now available at Beatwork studio! Our experienced team of mentors and highly furnished studio space aims to upgrade your expertise and make you a pioneer of the music production world.